What Are The Situations In Which Counselling Can Be Helpful

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More simply, psychotherapy is the treatment of a conversation, word by word.
Psychotherapy looks like we sit one against the other and talk, usually about an hour (lying on the couch is part of the therapeutic legend and is now seen mostly on film only). Here at counselling clinic oakville we do it only professionally.

It is not a medicament therapy, but it also involves the use of medicines (which is prescribed by a psychiatrist, as a team member).

What a therapeutic conversation differs from talking to a friend, stranger, priest, or any other person who is willing to listen to you is what your therapist listens to in a different way – giving space to your experiences, allowing the content to be pronounced as needed, diagnoses, contaminates, shapes, gives feedback, intervenes when needed and uses various therapeutic techniques.

Psychotherapists are experts in the field of mental health who have passed complicated postgraduate studies after graduation (in our case – Psychology section), they respect the Code of Ethics and members are some of the professional organizations that supervise their work.

The quality and effectiveness of the treatment does not depend on the therapeutic modality, the type of therapy, how much therapeutic skill, the motivation of the client, and the contact between them.

Depending on the problems and the topic, the motivation and the set goal, psychotherapy can last for a very long time, from several encounters to several years.

Well-guided psychotherapy has several positive outcomes:

Removing or relieving symptoms – this is what directly relates to your reason for talking to a psychotherapist.

Growth and personality development – acceptance and well-being of oneself, a different view of the world, hope, and a glimpse of the past from another perspective


  • Situations where psychotherapy can be helpfulYou’re always in a bad moodYou feel helpless, hopeless, think badly about yourself

    You have panic attacks

    You’ve experienced a trauma

    You often feel rage, or other people tell you that you are angry

  • You feel you lose controlDo not give up on behavior that is essentially unprofitable (excessive cleaning, eating …)It’s hard for you to concentrate, keep the flow of thoughts, be productive

    If the harmony in your family or partnership is disturbed

    You have difficulty feeling the joy for a long time

    You are constantly tired, you have insomnia

    You feel tension, anxiety, fear, anxiety, muscle tension, headaches, difficulty breathing, tension in the chest (and this is not related to any diagnosed, clearly defined disease)

    You have problems in your sexual life

    You are uncertain, you are experiencing intense shaking in different situations

    Also, last but not least, psychotherapy is one of the ways to establish a better quality of life, for those who are interested in personal growth and development, to improve their mental functioning, to improve their emotional literacy, to achieve better partnerships and interpersonal relationships, to develop their authenticity, spontaneity and creativity.

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