What Is a Soul Urge Number in Astrology?

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What do you understand by the Soul Urge Number or Heart Desire Number in the Vedic system of numerology? For your information, it is actually the number of birthday parties, compacted on account of the customary numerology reduction to a single digit. However, contrary to the typical numerology in the Vedic system, there is a major problem when it comes to find out the Soul Urge Number.

However, in this age and day, almost every country agrees to check with the Greenwich standard time and move to a new date within 24 hours at night-time. As a result, to find out the birth date it is important to consider what time of day or night you were born. Let’s take an instance, a person born at 2 am on 13th day of a month is considered to be born 13th and are given the Soul Number 4 (1 +3 = 4).

In addition to the above, the soul urge number is the most potent of human vibration that shows the visible world. There is no question in that soul number significantly comes into play for choosing food and sex, for companionship, marriage, the clarity of individual requirements, goals and desires. More to the point, all numbers from one to nine come with their personal vibration that you can’t overlook. These vibrations are there no matter whether you feel them. You can benefit from their helpful effects and off-putting restraint, knowing when they take place.

It is true that people strive to be aware of the soul through sign of the sun. And when it is talked about Numerology, it doesn’t refer to the signs of sun, moon and planets, but it directly uses the individual person, by just numbers. But the numbers themselves are related to the influence of planets on human actions, their desires, requirements and goals. Here, it is good to be aware of that planetary impact on the human soul can be simply comprehended if you are familiar with the soul number.

This number remains in force all through our life and in particular shows our strength when we are at our 30s or 40s. When you reach at the age of 35, a different number comes into play that we know as the Destiny number. And you start feeling some changes in your life. The Soul number, on the other hand, doesn’t mislay its significance. What is more, this number gets affected in case you change your name. For your knowledge, every person has 2 personalities – his own personality and second that other people know or see. And where soul number demonstrates that a person thinks of himself, a destiny number also indicates the person thought by others.

Apart from the above, characteristic features of those who have an even soul number are unpredictable. They have a distinct propensity to power as well as planning. If truth to be told, they are always all set to go out to the front position and take what is related to them. Furthermore, they can turn out to be a manager, although the job is of a cleaner.