How Can a Physiofit Guru Help You in Physiotherapy?

How Can a Physiofit Guru Help You in Physiotherapy?

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Physiotherapy can be defined as a treatment method that focuses on the science of movement and helps people to restore, maintain and maximize their physical strength, function, motion and overall well-being by addressing the underlying physical issues. It actually is the treatment to restore, maintain, and make the most of a patient’s mobility, function, and well-being. Rehabilitation and exercises are made more use of. Physiotherapy helps through physical rehabilitation, injury prevention, and health and fitness. Physiotherapists get you involved in your own recovery. The general perceptions and the beliefs hold that the physiotherapists make the most use of their manual skills which primarily include soft tissue release along with mobilization of joints so to lessen the intensity of pain being felt by them. Stretching is also being employed by the physiotherapists for their patients.

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Physiofit Guru

When it comes to choosing the best physiotherapist clinic in Mulund, Mumbai, Physiofitguru ultimately is the most chosen and the most opted one because of the commendable services Physiofitguru has been providing over the years it’s customers. The founder of Physiofitguru, the great Dr. Ajay Yadav had a clear cut vision of coming up with something really worth for the patients feeling extreme back pain and other severe aches in their bodies. His broad vision and horizon actually is the milestone in the building of this physiotherapist clinic in Mulund which has acknowledged fame on a large scale.

Services Offered at Physiofit Guru

The exclusive services being provided at Physiofitguru actually include the comprehensive care that is meant solely to ease and comfort the patients. Giving due care and consideration to the patients is the key to their quick recovery and their returning to life normally. A research states that 70% of the recovery of a patient relies on the way the doctor or the physician attending him deals with him. Focusing on the comfort of our patients is our foremost duty. We, at Physiofitguru, work to our best to reduce our patients’ chances of undergoing surgeries. Physiofitguru aims to treat and get the patients recovered with least chances of getting surgeries done. The latest statistics reveal that Physiofitguru had succeeded in getting more than 10000 patients with broken body parts recovered from their breakages without surgeries and medication. This actually corresponds well to our performance and to the amount of effort we put into for the better results of our patients. Physiofitguru, over the years, is construed to be one of the go to therapy places whenever an emergency case comes out. Our focus of approach relies mainly on the treatment and patient education. Moreover, we try to attend and treat our patients holistically instead of getting him/her undergo complex medications and surgeries. Lately, Physiofitguru got access to specially imported cell repair devices based on German technology. The cell repair device works to revive the cell tissue with exceptionally great results in treating patients suffering from neck, back and knee issues, and paralysis patients. So the patients suffering from knee, neck and back issues need not to worry about their issues anymore for we have the latest technology available.

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Team at Physiofit Guru

The professional and dedicated team of expert doctors and physicians we have at Physiofitguru are our pride because they have come up with the most apt solutions to the problems being faced by the patients. Physiofitguru has got specialized consultants for back/neck/spine problems who have got expertise to deal with the issues of the patients by making use of modern diagnoses and methods.

  • Dr Ajay Yadav – Director and Head of Physiotherapy, Consulting Orthopaedic Sports Physiotherapist, Manual Therapist and, Fitness Consultant having an experience of 11 years.
  • Dr Deepika Shah – Senior Therapist and Administration Head
  • Dr Vijay Yadav, Ph.D – Head Medical Nutritionist
  • Dr Dharmindar Yadav, M. S – Head surgeon
  • Dr Sanjay Singh – M.S. – Head Orthopedic Surgeon

Features of Physiofit Guru

Physiofitguru is equipped with a modern rehabilitation gym that has got everything in it to get the patient back to normalcy. Clinical trials are done precisely to come up with remedies apt enough to deal with the issues of patients by making use of this science based profession. Experts at Physiofitguru are specialized in throwing advice for ones suffering from back pain, neck pain, disc bulge, sciatica, spondylosis, joint immobilization, slipped disc, etc.

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Why Go for Physiofitguru?

Choosing the right physician or the doctor and the right clinic to help you get rid of your pains may be a difficult task for so many out there but making the right choice is very important. As far as choosing a Physiofit Guru for rehabilitation and therapy is concerned, we are having 11 years of experience. 100000+ patients have claimed to receive the best treatment ever. There are 24/7 20+ expert and highly qualified doctors on duty to attend you. We believe in not only treating the patients but also revitalising them by adding Life to Body as per our Motto.