Are Custom Curved Stair Lifts Worth The Investment?

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Despite the fact that stair lifts allow individuals to fully enjoy their homes, no matter they are suffering from limited mobility due to disability, injury or illness, one of the prime reasons that people consider investing in custom curved stair lifts is that they are generally considered as one of the pricey options available on the market.

There are basically two different types of stair lifts available – straight ones and curved ones. Each one of these is designed to fit a particular type of staircase. Most of the staircases are either alternatively curved, or straight up/down, which allows a different shaped device fit each one of them perfectly.

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As custom curved stair lifts should be designed according to the shape of the staircase and stairwell in each home, this primarily requires a lengthy and costly process, whereas straight lifts can be fitted promptly for a lower cost. Moreover, it is very much possible to install straight stair lifts on a curved staircase.

This is very much possible as the technicians working for a stair lift company can design a platform which stands at halfway up the staircase. This allows two or even more straight devices to be easily connected with one another, allowing a user to move around the staircase conveniently. Although it requires two stair lifts, it still proves to be less costly than custom curved stair lifts in most cases.

With that being stated, people wonder if custom curved stair lifts are worth the investment. Or is it better to opt for less pricey alternatives? There are, in fact, a few convincing reasons as to why these may actually prove to be a better option, despite knowing that straight stair lifts perhaps be less hassle to install and are less expensive.

One of the key reasons as to why having custom curved design is important is that it provides an amazing experience than having two different straight lifts placed all together in your house. Instead of having to transfer between two lifts at a time on a single platform, a curved life allows you to travel up/down in one trip.

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Other than that, it proves benefits for those with reduced mobility. Though custom curved stair lifts are high priced, they prove to be money well invested for having the assurance that an individual with limited mobility can conveniently travel up/down without having to switch chairs or risk falling.

Whether custom curved stair lifts are worth the investment or not, mainly depends on your budget, requirements, and shape of the staircase. If you require further assistance, it is strongly recommended that you get in touch with a professional stairlift service, whose representative will be able to guide you in the right direction and provide an ideal solution for your requirements.