Work with a New York Jungian Therapist

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If you are finding it difficult to cope with life, it may be time to work with a New York Jungian therapist who can help you find tools to manage and enjoy life more. Jungian therapy is a different way to heal as it analyzes personal and professional issues below surface level. The goal is to find exactly which complexes you have to support your healing in a productive and creative way. This form of therapy can also help you maintain positive relationships with others.

The main aim of your first meeting with a Jungian analyst is to create a good relationship with the therapist so that you can begin healing the right way. If you don’t have a good connection with your therapist, you probably won’t heal as much as you’d like.

You’ll learn to accept inner truths that your intelligent, unconscious self already knows about. Jungian analysis will help you with this process. You’ll see that dreams are important as they tend to show disconnects between consciousness and inner truths. They show where problems lie that we have connected to our conscious selves’ attitudes.

While it’s fine if you don’t remember all of your dreams, you may start to notice that you begin to recall more of them as you move through therapy. If you have a dream you remember before your first session, make note of it, and talk about it with the analyst when you first meet. It’s essential for therapy and healing to start moving in the right direction.

Even when you don’t dream on a regular basis, or you don’t remember them when you do, Jungian therapy can help you. Dreams can help with analysis, but they aren’t necessary for your therapy to be positive and healing.

You’ll meet with your therapist about once a week, but you and your therapist may decide together that you want to meet more often. You’ll usually meet in-person with your therapist to create a more personalized and therapeutic environment, but another arrangement may also be better suited to your particular situation.

The Swiss psychiatrist C.G. Jung lived between 1875 and 1961. His comprehension of the human psyche is unparalleled. He said the psyche is based on a wider unconsciousness that everyone possesses. Complexes occur as changes happen in the way we experience the outer world and our expectations of our inner, basic human consciousness. The Self is critical and controls the patterns of our basic, inner human consciousness.

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