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Intravenous (IV) Hydration Therapy is catching the eye of fans and skeptics alike. That’s why Reset IV feels responsible in helping you make an informed decision especially with the particulars of your IV Hydration treatment. Here are a couple of frequently asked questions regarding IV Hydration Therapy.

How is it Performed?

IV Hydration and its similar procedures are carried out by injecting an IV solution directly into the bloodstream. A licensed medical professional will be conducting this procedure and only after a quick assessment by a similarly licensed specialist. The IV solution will usually consist of a combination of water, salt and sugar that aim to rehydrate the body and replenish electrolytes.

Is it Safe?

IV Hydration imposes little risk in exchange for big benefits. Reset IV ensures that a qualified medical representative will assist you from assessment, treatment and after care.

Iv Hydration

Does it Hurt?

It’s understandable to be anxious around needles but Reset IV will only provide qualified registered nurses to administer the treatment and address any possible concerns. They will ensure that the procedure is as fast and painless as possible. Most would testify a sensation of a slight prick and subtle bruising afterwards, which is expected.

How Long Will Treatment Be?

This varies per individual but a good estimate is around 30 to 45 minutes to finish treatment. Allot an hour just to be sure to ensure completeness of your therapy. There is no need to stress however as the procedure is pretty relaxed – you will be asked to remain seated as treatment is administered and you are free to do leisurely activities like watching TV or use your phone as long as you’re seated.

What are Reset IV’s Products and Services?

Iv Hydration

Reset IV is available on-call for 24/7 in Las Vegas and South Florida with expansions in other cities in the near future. Services include online purchases, inquiries, assessment and direct-to-door treatment. Reset IV’s solutions include remedies and therapies for hangovers, jet lag, migraine, fatigue and recovery from flu. Reset’s hangover cures in particular offers a selection for varying levels of potency.

Packages include your typical hydration package consisting of water, saline and sugar while also containing medications not limited to anti-inflammatory, anti-nausea, anti-heartburn and pain relievers – depending on your purchased product.

Vitamin Booster add-ons can also be added to rejuvenate you with a burst of energy and nutrients.

More info on Reset IV’s products are available in their homepage at