Erotic Massage Secrets You Need To Tryx

Erotic Massage Secrets You Need To Tryx

Health and Fitness

Erotic massage is one of the oldest methods of relaxation, which not only relaxes but also has a strong stimulating effect. It is also a good way to establish a strong bond between loved ones.

One of the main so-called secrets is that the partner should be teased. For a while, massage very intensely, then relax, and after a while, and completely touch the skin with your fingertips. Apply this technique by massaging each part of the body.

Importance of Rhythm

The main difference between erotic massage is its rhythmicity. Each body has an internal rhythm. It is great if you feel the rhythm of your partner. You should continue it. Alternatively, you can set the rhythm yourself, and over time, you will intuitively get exactly what you need. Before you start doing something, you need to calm down, relax, adjust, and reunite with it until you breathe. Breathing in the same rhythm allows you to achieve better synchronization and satisfaction during erotic massage.

Additional Tools in Erotic Massage

Erotic massage involves arousing and feeling sensual pleasure. To achieve that, various additional tools can be used, which also improve comfort and relaxation.

  • Feathers;
  • Ice cubes;
  • Music;
  • Warm, soft towels & blankets;
  • Lubricants;
  • Aroma oils.

Fragrant & Essential Oils

It is important to choose the oil you like. You can just buy a massage oil, but a more interesting result can be achieved if you mix a non-sticky essential oil with fragrant essential oils, at your request, choosing your favorite fragrance. In addition, do not forget about the music, it also gives spices to erotic massage. You need to make sure that your partner’s body is well moisturized with oil so it will be easier to slide on it and gently touch.

Professional Masseurs

The purpose of erotic massage is to arouse a partner. It should be noted that real professional masseuses are strictly forbidden to touch the client’s genitals during erotic massage. The skill of true professionals is that a man reaches orgasm only through gentle stroking of the body and exposure to erogenous zones.

Erotic massage is a good diagnosis that allows masseuses to see how many blocks a person has and remove them. Feet one of the important parts of massages, and they often have a lot of blocks. If there are a lot of blocks (stagnation), then the person is very tense. Therefore, on the legs, masseuses can do more emphasis and repetitions for 18-36. People have all the blocks coming out through the feet.

In Valencia, you can find various places, including SweetTouch, which offers various types of erotic massages. Clients are able to arrange a massage session at home or to visit a specific place. Moreover, there is a possibility to select who will be performing erotic massage. It includes both male and female masseuses.

Treatment with Erotic Massages

It is important to know that before you decide to undergo a course of procedures for any massage, including erotic, be sure to consult a doctor. You should be examined and a conclusion is drawn.

It is necessary to remember that it is not recommended to press hard or make a deep impact on tissues, including nerves, arteries, veins, or internal organs. If you press hard, then you can damage the tissues and disrupt their functioning. Most risk areas are concentrated near the joints, including the spine and knee joints (popliteal areas), or the inner surfaces of the elbow joints.