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Everything There Is To Know About Laser Hair Removal

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For years, false myths about laser hair removal services etobicoke have spread around the Internet – from not working to causing skin cancer. After a long study, we at Laserlicious Inc have not found in one place the that careless hair removal is not at all like that as some people describe it. Here we laser clinics in Etobicoke tried to unite the expert advice in the field and to tell you about some of the most important things that you need to know about before you start laser hair removal. And one reason why you should do it.

Mistakes when it comes to laser hair removal:

Wrong choice of laser hair removal machine

There are several different types of etobicoke laser hair removal services machines, divided by the wavelength they work with, and each type has a different class according to who, how and where it was manufactured. There are many places where you can find detailed information and decide for yourself which device is for you. The danger here is that you do not have any hair removal effect or get any side effect – burning of the skin, stimulation of hair, pigmentation, etc.

Wrong choice of cosmetics

This profession is developing together with technology. If for our grandmothers and mothers the neighborhood cosmetologists with knowledge, mainly gained from experience, were satisfactory, nowadays even one-year training course of medical cosmetics is not completely satisfactory. Choose places in which health care professionals laser clinics in etobicoke who have spent 4-6 years of their lives learning about all the processes that take place in the human body. Why? Because the equipment and cosmetics of today and the future have more possibilities and how they will be used depends to a great extent on the client’s diagnosis – i.e. from the expertise of your cosmetician, from their knowledge, experience and qualifications. It is a common practice for cosmetics to use the automatic tuning of otherwise very good laser devices for each client – this results in a good result with only a very small percentage of clients.

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Wrong parameters

Laser hair removal works according to the following principle – the laser emits light that is attracted to the melanin in the hair, it conducts the light to its follicle, where it becomes heated and destroys it. What parameters should your laser hair removal in etobicoke specialist choose correctly for you to have a result:

Wavelength – It is fixed to each laser (you can mistake the laser, but the therapist cannot mistake the wavelength). 755 nm is the optimum wavelength that absorbs as much of the melanin in the hair as possible and minimally of the melanin in the skin, thus allowing to reach the hair root without bypassing the follicle.

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