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Do Not Do These Things Right After Your Botox Treatment If You Expect Optimal Results

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There is no doubt about the effectiveness and quick results of proper Botox treatment. Moreover, getting a Botox treatment is significantly easier compared to other cosmetic procedures. However, just like any other treatment, there are some important post-instructions to follow after your Botox Toronto treatment. With that said, here are the things you MUST NOT DO right after your Botox treatment.

Engaging in workouts

You should stay away from any kind of intense physical exercise right after receiving your Botox treatment. You must let the product settle in your body for at least 24 hours and until then, you must not begin your workouts. Physical exercises boost your blood circulation. As a result, Botox will be moved away from the site for which the treatment is applied. Eventually, it will reduce the effectiveness of the treatment.

Touching the treated area

Never touch, rub or apply pressure on the treated area. If you do, Botox will move to other areas as well. After a treatment, it is normal to be tempted to massage the treatment area because your face is very sensitive after treatment. However, you should be patient and resist the feeling somehow.

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Drinking alcohol can easily make your blood vessels to dilate. So, if you consume alcohol, bruises are likely to appear strongly. So, we strongly suggest you stay away from alcohol at least for a few days before and after the treatment if you want to reduce the potential for bruises.

Taking Aspirin and other blood thinners

If you are taking Aspirin or any other blood thinner on a regular basis, you should contact your physician and check if it is ok to stop it at least for about a week. Taking blood thinners too can cause bruises on the treated area and therefore, you should stop taking them at least a couple of days before and after the treatment.

Taking naps

You must not lie down right after a Botox Toronto treatment because doing so will apply pressure on the treated area (face). So, give the treatment about 4 hours to settle. If you are tempted to sleep, just find a way to negate the feeling (engage in some other work).

Besides, activities like sunbathing or any heat-lamp-related treatments can cause excessive redness and swell on the treated area because of the heat. If you are experiencing any issue related to the Botox treatment you have already got, please contact Sovereign Skin and a team of skincare experts is ready to help you out.