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Do Air Conditioners Need Servicing?


Yes – air conditioner is one of the most useful appliances in your home, especially in summers. When it has been used a lot, then aircon servicing comes essentially as it has been choked with dust and dirt particles.

Do air conditioners need servicing is the most common question that frequently asked by many individuals. We highly recommended that you have to keep ac servicing throughout the season so that you don’t face the burden altogether.

According to aircon servicing Singapore, regular maintenance of aircon filters, and coils are essential to function it efficiently. Well, give a read to this article to know more about aircon servicing.

Why Is It Important To Service Your Air Conditioner – Read On!

You can find out various reasons why aircon servicing is important:

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Yes, servicing is the only way which ensures the functions of your air conditioner. The regular servicing of aircon keep its functions at its peak.

Regular servicing also increases the efficiency of your aircon. Aircon installation Singapore Company reveals that if you do not service your aircon regularly, then it loses about 5% of its efficiency.  Therefore, when 3 years passed the efficiency of your air-conditioner will have decreased by 15%. Remember that this indirectly affects its performance.

When you are regularly servicing, it helps to finds and addresses small problems that could turn into bigger problems. However, the good news is that regular servicing will actually recover a high percentage of the lost efficiency. According to aircon servicing Singapore Company, regular servicing is the only way that gives it 95% of its original efficiency. No need to worry, the amount that you invest in servicing can be recovered very quickly as it reduced monthly electricity bills and even reduced costs of aircon repair. And, the properly serviced aircon will also dehumidify your home.

How Frequently Should You Service Your Air Conditioner?

The professionals of aircon installation Singapore Company say that if your ac unit has no problem and works efficiently, then too you ought to serviced and inspected at least once every year, this procedure ensures that it operates at peak efficiency. Means, your ac will ready to cool the house when you require it most.

Keep in mind, when your ac unit runs, it tends to accumulate lots of dirt and dust in a critical area like the air filters and the condensing coils that you should have to service. If the buildup of dirt, debris, and dust will not check properly, then it reduces the operating efficiency of the unit by 5%. And, this means that your ac cannot work at the peak as much as it should when clean.

The aircon servicing Singapore Company recommends washing the condenser of the ac as it helps to save you a lot of headache and also costs of aircon repair. Additionally, if you don’t wash your condenser, then it might because malfunction and even ruin it.

Being a homeowner, the best and simple thing that you have to do for your aircon is changing its filter. Ideally, you ought to change the filter maximum once every 30 days.

The Cost To Service Your Air Conditioning Unit – Know Before You Go!

Most of aircon servicing Singapore companies will offer very low-priced maintenance inspections; they not only clean the ac unit but also replace the air filter within the same package. The expected amount is between $60 and $100 for servicing.

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What Should Aircon Servicing Include?

People often asked about the same question about the servicing it includes checking blower, the motor, drain line, operating pressures, coils, temperatures, refrigerant levels, supply lines, and connections. If you want to service your ac properly, then you ought to hire a good company that carries out all these things.

The Final Words:

Ac Servicing is essential for the life of your ac unit, and it also uncovers problems and addresses them before they become worse. So, hire a servicing company and maximize your ac performance.

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