Dental Topic / Odontology

Dental Topic / Odontology

Dental Care

Research reveals that drinking alcoholic beverages in the long term can have detrimental effects on dental health. So some dentists cite the importance of lowering alcohol intake for oral and dental health. Raising awareness is always important. Often we do not know the risks due to lack of information on maintaining dental health.

Dental Function In Forensic Field

The forensic odontologist can find out what food the corpse is eating by simply performing a forensic action on the corpse’s teeth. Teeth are also used as a means of identifying a person to find out age, gender, DNA and so on. The reason is that teeth have strength and resistance to temperature, chemistry and are present in the mouth which is protected from the muscles of the lips and cheeks which provide sufficient protection.

Odontology is a form of dentistry that is used for forensic purposes. And some cases of forensic action use a very useful method of identifying victims by de diente a diente research. Therefore this method is usually used in a legal case or in a disaster.

With this method we can also find out that with teeth we can also find out someone has a history of diseases such as diabetes, for example. Because usually diabetics have teeth that are somewhat porous and perforated.

However, this method also has obstacles such as having a long time to identify victims, many people who do not perform dental care and have dental radiogram data, insufficient DNA recording is not standardized.

Healthy Food For Dental Health

What we eat, what we consume every day, will greatly affect our dental health. This is because there are several substances that can damage or strengthen our teeth. Therefore, avoid consuming alcohol because it can damage the surface of the teeth and make it porous and eat sweet or sticky. Besides that, it can also cause bad breath.

Increase the consumption of vegetables and foods that contain calcium and phosphorus, because calcium and phosphorus can strengthen the surface of the teeth so they are not easily porous and are also good for body health, especially bones. It is also very important to adopt a healthy lifestyle from an early age so that you are accustomed to keeping our teeth healthy and not getting sick easily. Because if you are not used to it since childhood, it will be very difficult to get used to living a healthy life and maintaining your teeth. Also will be susceptible to disease.

How To Keep Your Dental Health

Therefore it is very important to maintain healthy teeth and mouth. Maintaining oral and dental hygiene is the first step in maintaining teeth and mouth. Because teeth and mouth are the first places for food and drink to be consumed every day. If the condition of the mouth is not clean, there are bacteria in the mouth and teeth, if the bacteria are carried by the food we consume into the body, it will be a risk to health.

The simplest way to clean your teeth is to brush your teeth every day and keep your diet so you don’t have cavities. Brushing your teeth is the simplest way to maintain healthy teeth by brushing every part of the other teeth and not to always check your teeth regularly.