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What Are The Most Common Vaping Myths


Society has a constant impact. You buy a newspaper and read the latest news, turn on your TV and learn about recent tragedies, check what’s new on Facebook and instantly understand what’s peeking around the corner, waiting to be noticed. All these channels and networks are also used to circulate speculative theories that inspire fear and embarrassment among people. Not just individual cases, but new stories every day. This includes speculation about vape devices and online vape starter kits.

The media is full of lies and exaggerated e-cigarette stories – all based on supposed research done by academics who are far from being so well known and convincing. After another online reading, the glass overflows when you go to work and an annoying colleague who stops talking appears in front of you and picks up another story, starting with the question “Aw, are you smoking an e-cigarette?”

Therefore, the future of these myths depends on all of us. We can change misperceptions in society.

In the best case, most readers of stories are aware that what is actually written is based on a single, poor quality study that does not show real results and does not prove anything concrete. What everyone needs is a well-designed study that presents clear and incontrovertible evidence to the skeptics. Scientists should be able to come up with a real-world view of things at any time so that smokers can rely on knowledge.

Although we do not have a scientific institute, we try to take care of each smoker as we feel personally involved in this area and in your history. We decided it was time to unravel some of the myths that are common topics in media outlets, applying specific research to each. Feel free to fully and thoroughly explore each of the topics covered below and use it to share information with others or fight for specific rights.

Here are some proven facts:

Used second hand wipes are not dangerous

There is no significant risk to people who used a vape that was already owned by another person.

There are no real prerequisites for concern for a variety of reasons, so be sure to pull the bite out of your friends’ widget.

Vaping improves lung function in smokers

Indeed, there are several studies on the subject that do not find harmful effects on the lungs due to vaping. One of the most impressive studies is the one who found that asthmatic smokers who replace ordinary cigarettes with electronic cigarettes – or even just manage to reduce ordinary cigarettes using vape – have improved lung function.

Nicotine is not a very addictive substance per se

Nicotine is not as addictive as heroin, cocaine or any other kind of drug, as unproven experts say, in order to disperse the audience. Numerous studies have called into question the belief in the power of nicotine addiction.

Electronic cigarettes can be just as addictive or as addictive as nicotine chewing gums, and they are not such a threat at all.

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