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Ways To Reduce Radon In Your Home

Ways To Reduce Radon In Your Home

Health and well-being are one of the primary concerns one would look after. However, many people neglect to pay close attention to their health and well-being. As a result, such instances often increase the severity of illnesses and diseases. Radon is one of the elements that could cause problems if neglected or avoided.

It would be in your best interest to pay close attention to radon as it is the leading cause of lung cancer. Nearly 22000 people die of lung cancer each year. Radon is an undetectable gas mostly found in the basements or the foundation of a home.

Continue to read below to find out how to reduce the dangerous levels of radon. You can also consider radon testing to reduce radon in your home. 

Effective Ways To Reduce Radon


There are several ways to reduce radon in your home effectively. Such is the case with airflow in your home. Radon cannot be smelled, sensed, or tasted. These properties of radon make it undetectable until one experiences severe symptoms.

Although, radon can easily get mixed or diluted in the air if dangerous levels are recorded. However, you can simply open windows and turn on fans and vents to allow better air circulation in your home. Such an instance will help you get rid of toxic radon air.


Radon can also be found in cracks and open spaces like your basement. The basement of many homes is likely to house dangerous radon levels. As it is undetectable, you cannot sense it until you face a health issue or other problem in your home.

It would be most helpful for you to seal cracks in floors or walls with plaster, caulk, or other similar material to ensure these cracks are completely shut. Once done, you can be assured about radon not being diluted in the air from cracks and holes in your open places or basements.

What Should Be Done After Performing The Above Methods?

Now that you know how to reduce radon effectively, it would be best to know what you should do after these steps. People often try to fix their problems and obtain a solution. Although, most only get half of the part right.

You must have your home radon tested to get a complete solution. After fixing crucial issues that triggered radon levels, it will be an ideal choice to get radon tests. It could indicate if your home is safe from radon and if you need more concrete solutions.

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