Personalised Multivitamins, Vitamin Subscription

Personalised Multivitamins, Vitamin Subscription


What We Know About Personalised Multivitamins So Far

In spite of all the research on personalised multivitamins and health, we have got only a handful of thorough scientific studies on the benefits of what the experts call a “true” multivitamin: a tablet that delivers necessary minerals and vitamins at the comparatively low levels that the body usually has need of.

The Physicians’ Health Study II is the most excellent study completed until now. It was the 1st and only large-scale randomised clinical trial to test a usually consumed multivitamin such as the ones the majority of people take, containing the daily requirements of 31 minerals and vitamins necessary for good health.

A large group of make physicians took either a placebo pill or personalised multivitamins for more than a decade. The end results have been assorted, with modest reactions in cancer and cataracts, but no defensive effect against cardiovascular disease or declining mental function.

Is it safe?

Multivitamin supports point to the lack of any strong point that taking a multivitamin for a lot of years is dangerous. While we agree that the probability of harm is small, the possibility of a clear health benefit is also very small – and also we have no apparent evidence yet of such benefit.

The experts speak for the optimists, who argue a wait-and-watch technique. Personalised multivitamins supplementation is low cost and low risk, and it helps to fill potential gaps in the diet that individual might have. These are compelling reasons to mull over taking a multivitamin for eye disease and cancer that should be talked about with a physician.

For now, you can take certain steps, such as:

  • Avoid taking high doses of particular vitamins, specially A and E. These may actually be dangerous.
  • Do you want specialised nutrition recommendation? See a dietician. Also, Medicare beneficiaries get an annual “wellness” visit with their primary care providers.
  • Assess your diet. Do you eat as healthy as you could? Is anything lacking?
  • Ask your doctor if you really need to take vitamins. Could you have a vitamin shortage?

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