A Transformative And Enhanced Health Revolution With Multifaceted Sieve And Serve Pitcher From Extract Goodness

A Transformative And Enhanced Health Revolution With Multifaceted Sieve And Serve Pitcher From Extract Goodness

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Juicing is the only health revolution of our time. After discovering that many processed juices are full of toxins that pose great and unending health risks, many people have turned to homemade, whole juices. However, the joy of taking juice and extracting maximum enjoyment and satisfaction has been a challenge to many hence resolving to either quit drinking juice or forcing it down the throat. The celery pulp in the natural juice becomes gritty and awful especially when a novice juicer prepares it. Believe me that only those people full of grace can enjoy drinking this kind of juice. Extract Goodness has designed a sieve and serve pitcher that has made juicing simpler leaving you fueled and feeling good.


Fuel Good, Feel Good, Be Good – Juicing simplified

Extract goodness’ sieve and serve pitcher takes after a design that effectively combines a sieve and a pitcher. It is of a 48oz glass, removable stainless steel, and an airtight lid. This pitcher is ecofriendly and it allows you to reuse it as many times as possible even for life. Its leakproof mouth is so wide to remove any mess that may seem to arise. Precisely, this sieve and serve pitcher saves your energy and time while serving you with a headache-free, smooth, and delicious juice on your table.

The greatness of this sieve and serve pitcher is in its multifunctionality, in that it enables you to sieve, serve and store your juice. The strainer has a wide mouth, small holes and it is short to ease its use. Besides, when straining is over, you are free to serve your juice from this pitcher’s beautiful glass container effortlessly or store it in the glass container.

This frontrunner multifaceted pitcher has never been into the market since time immemorial. Its entrance has largely revolutionized juicing by making people enjoy smooth juice all over just as the name of the manufacturers depicts: Extract Goodness. Extract means to pull while goodness is the beneficial or nourishing element of food. So, you can imagine the kind of combination that results when you join Extract Goodness. Our Pitcher aims at pulling out the nourishing element of food: what juicing exactly does.  Our customers must fuel good, feel good and be good with a negligible amount of effort and mess.

The core pillars that lead to your satisfaction remain to be: to ditch the grit and have no more pulp in your juice, reduce the mess, strain, serve and store and ultimately be very conscious of the environment. Rest assured that the juice you will get from Extract Goodness sieve and serve pitcher will have no chemicals, is of the highest quality possible and non-toxic. Your safety is so pertinent in our production considering the choice of materials is particular: no harmful material used and the ease of cleaning.

Get rid of the detrimental side effects of consuming highly processed juices and start reaping amazing health benefits by enjoying a fresh homemade glass of juice. Extract Goodness sieve and serve pitcher is the only gateway to an equivocal nutritional breakthrough. An exclusive avenue to all key vital nutrients in your diet. Do not be left behind, join the bandwagon